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About Us

Sakyo Tours and Safaris is much older than the day the company did get certification to operate as a tours and safaris company in Kenya .Its history dates back when Kyalo was just a boy growing up back in the 70's Kenya. In the back country of the then Eastern Province.

Growing up in one of the many villages where his neighbors were wild animals, of the great scenic Savannah. His home being just a stone throws away from the Tsavo East national Park. This is where the interest of the great wild came about, thus it did come to him naturally to be an authority on all matters game and that nature experience. So it followed. naturally, it was his destiny and passion to go into the vocation that did bring him much pleasure to work, in tours and safaris industry . With this great love for all experience nature, Kyalo followed his calling, as it were, to work with the best touring and safaris companies in the country.

As the years went by, gaining much experience on how the touring industry operates and what it takes to get everything working like clockwork, he has embarked on a humble and enviable crusade to build his legacy by running his own company bringing to the industry a new and fresh outlook into tours and safaris industry. Coupled by his natural passion and zeal to have clients and guests have that feel and awe of the great sights, sounds, and smells of the wild to have that oneness with nature, is truly his greatest satisfaction.

So the next time you want to take that trip think Sakyo Tours and safaris. You will be getting more than just great value for money spent. You will be having a memory built that you can never peg a monetary value to. If you want the best, travel with Sakyo Tours and Safaris and Experience Nature.

Kyalo (Lucky) - Chief Tour Logistics Officer/Leader Kyalo the brainchild and originator of the idea, of Sakyo Tours and Safaris. A simple village man always cheerful with vast experience with the wild and all matters tours and safaris what better person to be your official guide.
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